In 2010 the Gallery of Kanalidarte Brescia asked artists to create works of “NATURALLY CONSTRUCTIVIST ART ” . A project focusing on the key proposal of a constructivist 'object' FLOWER.
I liked the idea and I made some FUTUR-CONSTRUCTIVIST Flowers.
I took some flowers produced by the futurists and I made intersection with the orthogonal method, in a constructivist key .
So the “Fiore di pistone” the “Fiore di Tromba”, the “Fiore di tromba-pistone” were born.
It was very funny!
A lot of imagination these Futurists! Much capacity in predicting the future! Perhaps even they would never have thought about how many “mobile telephony flowers” really would invade our territories. Don't they seem "flowers" those tall poles transmitting a signal over the air?




tromba pistone tromba_pistone