In my book entitled The Third Way to Sculpture published in November 2004, I wrote:
“As regards technology, we cannot ignore that we are in the computer age; to this tool is due the rapid acceleration in technological progress. … … Now it is possible to design the sculpture directly, dividing and scaling down the single parts, and then build it on a much larger scale. It is also possible to construct the work using the rapid prototyping method. Using a sort of three-dimensional photocopier, you can go straight from the drawing to the work itself by condensing special resins at the point of intersection of three laser beams, or by using special plotters that deposit a catalyst instead of ink, layer upon layer.
It is even possible, with electro-erosion, to carve sculptures “straight out of the metal” using a wire, rather like cutting polystyrene.
Thanks to my former student Marco Borghetti, who kindly provided me with his skills and company machines, I can present some of the results obtained by applying the very advanced electrical discharge method.
September 2006

Guido Moretti