Scultore Guido Moretti

 Michelangelo once said that sculpture can be done in two ways only:

"by removing" or "by adding.".

At the start of third millennium, thanks to modern technology, sculptures can be done

"by separation".

Cubosfera-scultore Guido Moretti
Truth is not distributed freely, it has to be conquered, created. It is a discovery and an invention at the same time.
Through awareness that life contains in its womb drama as a basic element – just like joy and wonder – and that this elementary truth is very hard to discover and accept, I believe I have overcome the dramatic vision of the sharpest contradictions of our existence.
By discovering and unearthing the fossils of my ancestral loves and troubles, which are deep and common to all men, I have gradually freed myself of anatomical shapes to venture in search of the basic laws that determine the sedimentation of both thoughts (sculptures of the mind) and concrete material forms. I have always been fascinated by the astonishing mutations in the shape of shells, their geometric shape and the mathematics that sustains such incredible beauty, and now the time has come to test my ability to build new sculptures “by matter quanta”.
Overlapping layers of material and mental sediment that are generated with time to give life to round things; winding internal cavities – otherwise impossible – that gradually build themselves up layer after layer. Mathematical curves with cold equations, variously composed and fantastically interpreted in their reciprocal position, breathe life into vibrant objects with no obvious beginning or end – without a privileged base, as if to signify that in an era of space travel even gravity can be overcome.

I like to think of my latest sculptures as strange objects wandering through space, rotating around themselves in a dimension in which the concepts of “up” and “down”, “in” and “out” are totally meaningless.

Guido Moretti - 1958

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