Michelangelo said that it is possible to make sculpture in only two ways: "by way of taking away" or "by way of putting".

At the beginning of the third millennium, thanks to modern technologies, sculpture can be made "by separation".

Guido Moretti

Philosophy and self-presentation

The truth is not given to anyone, it is conquered and created: at the same time it is discovery and invention.

Through the realization that life contains drama as a fundamental element in its womb, as well as joy and wonder, and that this elementary truth is only extremely difficult to accept, I believe that I have overcome the dramatic vision of the most burning contradictions of the world. ‘to exist.

Finding and bringing to light the fossils of my ancestral loves-pains, and therefore profound and common to all men, I gradually freed myself of the anatomical forms to venture in search of the fundamental laws that determine the sedimentation of both thoughts (sculptures of the mind ) and concrete material forms.

Fascinated by the marvelous evolution of shell shapes, by their geometry and by the mathematics that underlies so much amazing beauty, the time has come for me to try my hand at the construction of new sculptures “per quantum of matter”.

Overlapping layers as material-mental sediments that manage to compose themselves over time to give life to the whole; sinuous and internal cavities, otherwise unattainable, appear building up, layer by layer.

Mathematical curves with cold equations, variously composed and fantastically interpreted in their reciprocal positions, give life to vibrant objects whose beginning and end cannot be glimpsed; without a privileged base of support: almost to mean that, in an age of space travel, even gravity can be overcome.

I like to think of the latest sculptures as “strange objects wandering in space” revolving on themselves in a dimension where the concepts of “high” and “low”, “inside” and “outside” are totally meaningless.

Nature does not do with many things what it can do with few.

(Galileo Galilei)

All the matter existing in the universe is “generated” by very few simple elements: Protons, Electrons, Neutrons.

The exceptional variety of the universe contrasts strikingly with the small number of fundamental “bricks”!

All natural phenomena (the fall of a stone, the spontaneous propagation of heat, etc.) occur in a specific way only because it is the most probable. It is a rule of disconcerting simplicity!

Darwin has discovered a law capable of explaining the evolution of the species that once again surprises for its simplicity. Random variations in the genetic heritage are affirmed because “they are more likely to be transmitted by inheritance”. This explains the infinite variety of living beings that populate the earth.

And information technology? On closer inspection it is based on the use of two “symbols”, the numberszero and one.

Isn’t it incredible that from these two simple elements it was possible to develop such an impressive amount of knowledge and technologies?

Even in the psychological field it seems that at the basis of every behavior there are few fundamental drives.

I am fascinated and tempted by the conclusion that nature is governed by extremely simple laws, at least when compared with the infinite variety of its manifestations.

The philosophy on which my current research is based comes from these reflections.

In what and how many ways can a sculpture be obtained starting from a slab, using simple indications and / or elements?

It is clear that my scientific training profoundly influences the formation of my aesthetic ideas and fantasies, but artistic intuitions arise only from the exhilarating fusion of rationality and emotion.